HORNA NSBM de Finlande

Horna de finlande a des liens multiples avec l’idéologie néonazie et la mouvance nsbm
Horna diffuse son idéologie en musique depuis 1993.
et a fait couler beaucoup d’encre, notamment à cause de son leader Ville Pystynen alias “Shatraug”.



Le leader de Horna diffuse son idéologie-en-musique via son label grieventee : Kristallnacht „Aryan Art“, „Aryan Blood“, „Endlösung“, „Holocaustus“, “hammer”, …

– En 2010, plusieurs rassemblements ont été annulés par “Horna” dans les pays de langue allemande par des manifestations antifascistes.

– Tournée septembre 2012 organisée par Sven Zimper ” MetalKommand Concerts “ soit le batteur de Absurd, et du label nsbm WTC.

Horna entretient des liens particuliers avec Satanic Warmaster (groupe interdit en France)
Dans un interview “Shatraug” félicite le néo groupe nsbm “Satanic Warmaster”, dont le chef de la bande est “Nazgul”, l’ex-chanteur de “Horna”.

Horna entretient des liens particuliers avec Peste Noire
– disque en collaboration Horna Peste Noire en 2007 diffusé par un label français.
– Horna boycotte le BlastFest 2017 en Norvege, horna annule en soutient au groupe Peste Noire interdit, tout en adoptant une posture victimaire-identitaire anti-antifa.

Plusieurs release de la bande Horna ou du projet parallele “Sargeist” ont été produits par des labels d’extrême droite ultra comme “Sombre Records”, W.T.C. Productions “ou” Blut und Eisen Productions “.

“Corvus”, le chanteur actuel de “Horna”, est également actif dans la bande “Korgonthurus” sur le label néo nazi “Blood & Soil” Productions “. Pour une release de la bande “Desolation Triumphalis”, qui se compose de membres de groupes nsbm comme “Kristallnacht”, “Chemin de Haine”, “Seigneur Voland”… , “Shatraug” a composé la chanson “The eternal revolution».

En 2006, une release en commune avec le groupe néo-nazi “Legion of Doom” a été produite par le label “Zyklon-B-Productions”. Dans la même année, une autre release a été produite avec le groupe national-socialiste-Black-Metal “Sacrificia Mortuorum”. Ce dernier a déclaré dans une interview être très fier d’être autorisés à collaborer avec “Horna”, “Shatraug” de “Horna” a pris contact avec la bande, une bonne amitié a développé à partir de ce qui a abouti à la release produite en collaboration.

Le label néo nazi “Schwarze MaSSenvernichtung” produit des badges pour “Horna”.


Band description

„Shatraug“, guitarist of „Horna“ speaks about NS-Black-Metal:“Well, our ex-vocalist (who also was/is active in the band „Gestapo666“, Note) is no longer a member of Horna, because he wanted to concentrate to this kind of ideals in Black Metal. I support many NS bands, because of the quality their music offers and because of the intellect of the particular persons. I do not support posers or wannabees. It has to attest if a band is honorable or pure scum. Politics in Metal are not really necessary, but i don’t care about it, so long it don’t exposes as absolutely stupid. For example i just heard a demo, where a song was entitled „Vuosi1488“, thus „the year 1488“. How stupid can someone be? Cleverness and strength. A little bit all out knowledge does not hurt“.

Elsewhere „Shatraug“ confesses to Blood-and-Soil-Ideology: „Our souls and blood is from this northern soil and the nature around here is certainly affecting the psyche.“

In one interview part about the Finnish Blackmetal-Scene, „Shatraug“ commends the local neo nazi band „Satanic Warmaster“, whose head of band is „Nazgul“, the already mentioned ex-vocalist of „Horna“. Obviously „Horna“ has best contacts to „Satanic Warmaster“.

In 2003, before „Nazgul“ left the band, „Shatraug“ openly confessed to the Nationalsocialist ideology: „Yes, i support him (the National Socialism, note) and i can say the same of Warmaster (Nazgul). In my opinion the National Socialism means to be proud of the own heritage and the own country, to believe in the brothers in arms and to those values which exclude any foreign influence or religion“.

In common with „VilwolfHeim“ (who is/was active in the neo nazi bands „Sombre Chemin“ and „Heidenwelt“) and “Ravenum” (ex-drummer of “Horna”, vocalist of the NSBM-band “Hammer”) „Shatraug“ plays in the band „Blutschrei“. The song titles of the Band fit in the neo nazi ideology: „Voice of Blood“, „White Agony“.

In a „wordrap“ in an interview with the internet magazine „Final War“ „Shatraug“ replies to a question about politics in Black Metal simply with „88“, a code which is often used by neo nazis and which stands for twice the eighth letter of alphabet. „HH“ stands for „Heil Hitler“. In the email address of the band one can also find the code.

Concerning to this a fan has made a guest book entry on the homepage of „Horna“:

„At first I must say, I like your music (Sargeist&Horna). But there is one thing i can´t understand, why is the e-mail adress of Shatraug: fornicator88… is there any connection between “88″ which could mean “HH” (Heil Hitler)? To me as a German it seems unbelievable that people believe in such a disguting crab. I´ve also read a interview with Shatraug were he said he have to do with NSBM, if this is true I must say that Shatraug doesn´t have a clue what he is talking about. We got so much problems with this fucking Parasites of Nazis. I think black metal should be unpolitical (like its origin!!!) Be satanist thats ok, thats true but nazis are fucking parasites. Please think about it and answer my by writin in this guestbook.”

The reply of „Horna”: „You don’t have to like what we are, it only proves where we stand and where you fall. YOU are the one who has no grip of reality. You like turkish scum infesting your neighborhood? You like rap and hip hop? Maybe you also do drugs and molest children? Maybe you want to wear funny hats and go to synagogues with other circumcized mice? THAT is what we are against. Don’t have to be “nazi” to be proud of our origin, blood and culture.”

Several releases of the band or of the side project „Sargeist“ have been produced by extreme right labels like „Sombre Records“, W.T.C. Productions“ or „Blut und Eisen Productions“.

With his label „Grievantee Productions“, „Shatraug“ sells releases of bands like „Aryan Art“, „Aryan Blood“, „Endlösung“, „Holocaustus“ and many other neo nazi bands. http://i10.tinypic.com/307mh51.jpg.

At the sound studio of „Shatraug“ the neo nazi bands „Kristallnacht“ and „Hammer“ are/were signed. http://i9.tinypic.com/2hsbzb5.jpg

„Corvus“, the current vocalist of „Horna“, is also active in the band „KORGONTHURUS” which is signed at the neo nazi label „Blood & Soil“ Productions“. For a release of the band „Desolation Triumphalis“, which consists of members of neo nazi bands like „Kristallnacht“, „Chemin de Haine“, „Seigneur Voland“ et cetera, „Shatraug“ composed the song „The eternal revolution“.

In 2006 a release in common with the neo nazi band „Legion of Doom“ was produced by the label „Zyklon-B-Productions“. In the same year a further release was produced with the National-Socialist-Black-Metal band “Sacrificia Mortuorum”. The latter stated in an Interview that one is very proud to be allowed to produce with „Horna“. After the debut-release „Shatraug“ of „Horna“ has contacted the band, a good friendship has developed from this which resulted in the commonly produced release.

The neo nazi label „Schwarze MaSSenvernichtung“ produces buttons for „Horna“.